Robes of Light


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Nine Egyptian Light Bodies embodied in Modern Experience
By Rowena Pattee Kryder

This 200 page color presentation of 24 characters, representing archetypal qualities, enables the reader to undergo nine initiations. There are exercises for each stage of the initiation journey, including finding a spiritual name, feeling your subtle etheric body, finding the tone and sacred geometry of your "double," and finding your soul purpose. Learn about the energy forms that resonate to your various "bodies" and discover ways to find your symbolic icon.

"Robes of Light is an astonishing piece of work. The paintings are spectacular. The text combines erudition with real spirituality—without ever descending into the mean feat!"
—John Anthony West, Egyptologist, author of Serpent in the Sky and other works

"Over the years past Rowena Pattee Kryder has proven to be one of the finest minds and artists depicting the spiritual traditions of human kind. I have known her for all these years and she has always continued to amaze me with her deep insights and powerful mystical artwork. In Robes of Light she explains with profound vision the meaning of the ancient Egyptian nine bodies of light sometimes referred to as the nine souls. Indeed Rowena sheds considerable light upon the spiritual light of ancient times. This book is a wonder and belongs with the great books of spiritual teaching such as the works of Manley P. Hall."
Fred Alan Wolf—author of many books, including, The Yoga of Time Travel and the audio CD, Dr. Quantum presents: A User's Guide to Your Universe

Maia Christianne Nartoomid, mystic and akashic translater and artist says:
"I find Robes of Light to be a spiritually provoking journey through one's own inner pathways of the Many within the One. We each contain multiple natures which sometimes harmonize and yet often conflict with each other. Robes of Light has the potential, through word and art, to bring us into greater clarity about these many natures residing within us that are, indeed, reflected to us through other individuals with whom we come into contact in daily life. In this book, Rowena's art builds gradually at first, and then explodes into an array of color, symbol and dance. To me, this very much expresses how the human personality integrates with Spirit: beginning gradually, testing the waters of it's own depth in ability to recognize Self in the Great Sea; finally to become like a silver dolphin leaping and spiraling in the sheer delight of Unconditional Being."

Paul Chek, founder of the Chek Institute, says:
"Robes of Light is a journey of self-exploration that is accessible to those of all learning styles. Rowena gifts us with her wisdom while accessing the very depths of our being with her message, her writing, artwork and geometric forms.”

200 page book, all color, 8.5" X 11" isbn 978 0 9722747-3-9

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