Gaia Matrix Oracle


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By Rowena Pattee Kryder

second, revised edition

"The GAIA MATRIX ORACLE is a practical guide through current changing times in a living relationship with your fullest purpose. a new form of Deep Ecology, the GAIA MATRIX ORACLE guides to the spiritual healing of yourself so that the greening of the New Earth will naturally follow."

"Rowena Pattee Kryder has emerged as a true visionary—one who sees. The oracular cards allow you to touch on yourself in a way that is truly beyond space and time. This is the mythic way of the hert warrior."—Fred Alan Wolf

"The GAIA MATRIX ORACLE is global and a reflection of what we are becoming. It is remarkable in its richness and power."—Gary Zukav

"The GAIA MATRIX ORACLE is a cornucopia of esoteric wisdom. Reading the book is a jounrey in itself, lie a shamanic flight: a ceaseless movement accompanied by the voce of an ecstatic guide."—Vickie Noble

Discover how you may waken to the NEW EARTH through symbols, readings, images and profound insight. The GAIA MATRIX ORACLE uses both Old Earth and New Earth cards to reflect stages of transition you may be going through, day by day. The Wild Wu-Man makes you aware of emotional reactivity, and the Fool beckons you to move into more and more freedom.

42 color cards and 232 page book guide you into greater self-realization if you are willing to be honest with yourself.

ISBN 978 0 9722747-5-3

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