Egyptian Temple Essences

Temples of Egypt Essences are vibrational tools that open your heart, raise your vibration and entrain your body, mind, spirit and emotions to the infinite possibilities within.

Made in Egypt, the pure consciousness of each temple is infused into purified water and preserved with brandy. Like Bach Flower Remedies and Perelandra Essences, temple essences are unscented and taken internally. In his book Messages from Water Masaru Emoto demonstrates scientifically that water can be programmed to hold consciousness. Taking temple essences entrains the water in your body to hold higher levels of consciousness.

Each bottle contains 1/2 ounce of the essence, which may be taken directly, added to water or to hot tea to evaporate the alcohol. Essences may also be added to your bath water or placed directly on your body. You may work with one essence at a time, for any number of days, or take several essences simultaneously. There are no contraindications for the essences.

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