Becoming an Oracle 7-CD Audio Course


by Nicki Scully
Visioned with Gloria Taylor Brown & Mark Hallert
Narrated by Nicki Scully
Music by Bright Hawk and the Bright Hawk Oracle Orchestra

7-CD Set, total running time 7 ½ hours, includes a 36-page booklet, published by Sounds True.

A Cross-Cultural Training Course on Secrets of the Oracles

In this audio course, Nicki Scully presents a guided workshop for practicing the
spiritual techniques that allowed cultures such as the Greeks, Egyptians, and
Mayans to make an enduring impact on human evolution.

Drawing upon her comprehensive knowledge of global mystical traditions,
Nicki Scully has created a training program that synthesizes oracular
practices from across the world. Using a guided visualization technique called
“pathworking,” she brings you into direct contact with the same sacred sites
and God-forms that have served the great prophets and oracles throughout
history. Each step of this journey offers you the opportunity to master new
skills and forge spiritual connections necessary to become an oracle yourself.

For a limited time, all Becoming an Oracle sets will include a dedicated signature by Nicki—exclusively from Hathor's Mirror

Set includes 19 guided oracular courses with backing music.

A rich trove of images, music and a sample journey available on

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