Women of Wisdom


Empowering the Dreams and Spirit of Women

Nicki is part of this wonderful anthology authored by Kris Steinnes and includes Isabelle Allende, Marion Woodman, Brooke Medicine-Eagle, Francis Moore Lappé, Angeles Arrien, Jean Shinoda Bollen, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Judith Orloff, and Riane Eisler

What can women offer the world?

What gifts reside in the depths of feminine spirit?

Answers bloom like wildflowers in "Women of Wisdom", a mixture spiritual, academic and artistic contributions from professionals and lay people who share their experience of being women and being Divine. Since 1993 women have been attending the WOW gathering to uncover and celebrate the power of feminine spirit. In these selections, poetry mixes with history, visual art with the inner spirit and the intellect with soulful longing, creating an inspiring kaleidoscope of feminine reverence. Often practical, always moving, the guidance on these pages speaks to the divine within us all.

360 pages with illustrations
6” x 9” paperback
ISBN: 978-0-9800622-0-5

“This anthology of wisdom from some of the greatest women thinkers and writers of our time is a rare treasure. It inspires, informs, and gives us hope for the future in which the best potential of all people, and of our precious earth, can be realized.”
—Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., author of Inner Peace for busy Women and A Woman’s Book of Life.

“Women of Wisdom offers a wide range of possibilities, images, and visions for galvanizing a better world for future generations. This compilation is a timely and invaluable resource for all ages, cultures, and disciplines.”
—Angeles Arrien, author of TheFour-Fold Way and The Second Half of Life.

Kris2web.jpgKris Steinnes is the visionary founder of Women of Wisdom Foundation and in 1993 she organized the first WOW Conference in Seattle.  Year after year she has brought together women leaders from many fields to share their experiences and help build a world in which women’s voices are heard and feminine wisdom can be lived to its fullest. Kris has a commitment to bring feminine consciousness to the fore of our collective experience. A native of Seattle, Kris is a minister, spiritual leader and meditation teacher. It gives her great pleasure to share with you the knowledge and gifts of presenters and participants from sixteen years of WOW gatherings.

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