Journey with Eagle and Elephant


Journey with Eagle and Elephant

Nicki Scully
and Roland Barker

Eagle is a powerful symbol of nobility and discrimination. To Native Americans he represents the highest expression of spirit.

Elephant teaches us how to manifest what we want or need in the physical world. As the Hindu deity, Ganesha, he shares your burdens and helps you find the path through your obstacles.

In this journey, Eagle helps you to make appropriate choices, and Elephant shows you how to apply intelligence to make your choices happen.

Vision and strength, clarity and tenacity—Become the eagle and soar; journey to identify your true needs and desires and then learn from the intelligence of Elephant how to overcome obstacles and manifest the choices you have made. This extraordinary tape takes you out-of-body to the inner realms of consciousness where the deeper questioning is answered in an experience of shamanic dream-time.

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