The Journey for Rebirth Download


The Cauldron Journey for Rebirth

Nicki Scully
with music by Roland Barker and Jeff Mahoney

Free yourself to experience life anew as you relive and resolve your own birth with the able and loving guidance of Tarät, the Egyptian hippopotamus midwife-goddess. (You may even experience births from past or parallel lives.) Enjoy the sensuous African rhythms of Roland Barker in a musical score that supports and enhances this journey to the depths of your very beginnings.

Listen to a sample: here.

The Cauldron, ancient symbol of the cosmic womb, source of all life and wisdom, has figured prominently in history and mythology. Throughout time, and in many diverse cultures, this vessel has stood for the place of continuance; the churning, boiling receptacle within which all life is returned, remixed and regenerated in perpetual cycles. The Cauldron, as an alchemical process, provides access to the collective consciousness where we communicate with diverse archetypes, deities and totem power animals.

Hippopotamus, the midwife in the Cauldron teachings, is the goddess Tarät (Taueret), in ancient Egyptian lore. She attends each and every birth, and is seen on the walls of the temples assisting at the birth of the sun each morning after it has completed its journey through the underworld.

When you journey through the cauldron to visit Tarät, you have an opportunity to re-experience your physical birth in the presence of a midwife capable of holding a safe and secure place for what may have been a traumatic event in your life. Once you have resolved your birth trauma, you might have a variety of new experiences with this journey.  Sometimes you can experience a past parallel life birth, or Tarät may tech you how to be born in ecstasy and joy, free from the pain that is often associated with the birthing process. Each time, you will be nourished with the milk of wisdom, the pearl of great price, as you enter life anew.

Thoth, Egyptian god of wisdom, language and communications, guardian of the realms of the Cauldron, is the overarching principle of this Work. In this journey you meet Thoth and he guides you to the great river, the source of our lives. Although Thoth usually appears with an ibis head on a man's body, or as an ibis, a different form may fill that role for you. Thoth functions as the doorway to the realms of spirit and your guardian as you travel this way.


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