Nicki Scully CD Box Set


We're offering a great price on all Nicki Scully audio CD's to help us clear out our inventory. Get all 5 Nicki Scully CD's for only $35. This offer includes:

Journey with Eagle and Elephant

In this two-part inner journey, you will first travel with Eagle, who helps you to make appropriate choices, then Elephant shows you how to apply persistence and intelligence to make your choices happen.

The Journey for Healing with Kuan Yin

Receive healing and guidance from Kuan Yin, the Chinese goddess of compassion. Accompanied by the music of Roland Barker and Jerry Garcia, you journey to a land of peace and tranquility where you can honor and release your physical and emotional difficulties.

Awakening the Cobra

Cobra is "the Great Awakener," residing at the base of your spine, ready to rise up through your chakras to liberate your life-force energy. As a healing ally Cobra is powerful and indispensable.

Tribal Alchemy

This masterful triad of interactive music includes three guided shamanic journeys set to a mixture of live and synthesized rhythmic trance-dance new edge music. Didgeridoos combine with hand drums, percussion, tamboura, flute and other exotic instruments, to provide a unique and wonderful alchemical experience that alters consciousness.

…And You Will Fly!

This children's story CD was created as a giveaway to kids facing life-threatening and terminal illness. Take an inner journey to an Animal Circus and make delightful new animal friends in this life-affirming allegory for children of all ages.

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