Divine Alchemy Chocolate Bark 76%


Divine Alchemy Chocolate

Synergistically Blended with Organic and Raw Nuts, Seeds, Fruit and Spices

Handcrafted ~ Vegan ~ Gluten Free  GMO Free ~ Fair-Trade

76% Cacao

Slightly sweeter than the 85% with the flavor of the spices more pronounced

3 ounce gift packGift pack with a 1.5oz. package each of the 76% and 85% cacao chocolateDivine Alchemy Chocolate bark is a handcrafted, artisan, healthful treat made with 100% Certified Organic ingredients. Many of the ingredients are left raw to preserve their vitamin content as much as possible; pumpkin seeds are sprouted, and most of the ingredients are hand chopped. Packaging is Eco-Friendly.

Organic Ingredients: 

Chocolate blend (cacao liquor (no alcohol), cane sugar, cacao butter), raw sprouted pumpkin seeds, raw almond toffee (raw almonds, cane sugar, unrefined coconut oil), coconut with maple syrup, dried cranberries sweetened with apple juice, crystallized ginger, raw almond butter, raw cacao nibs, Lebkuchengewürz (German spice mix made with a blend of 10 fresh ground spices), pink Himalayan salt, dusted with coconut sugar.

Chocolate Bark Weight

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