Alchemical Healing


A Guide to Spiritual, Physical, and Transformational Medicine

by Nicki Scully

Alchemical Healing brings together innovative techniques from shamanism and energetic healing with the principles of alchemy, creating a practical form of physical healing, therapeutic counseling, and spiritual growth. With simple directions, readers are guided through a series of initiatory steps toward mastery of a powerful healing form that allows them to access the Universal Life Force energy; develop a working relationship with spirit allies from the animal, plant, and mineral realms; and utilize the healing power of the five elements. Starting with journeys of initiation and commitment for the beginner, Alchemical Healing also offers advanced students instruction in powerful techniques such as psychic surgery, distant healing, and elemental balancing of the body. Those who follow the Alchemical Healing path accomplish a spiritual transformation of the self, turning the dark mystery of the subconscious into the alchemical gold of knowledge and enlightenment.

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