Alchemical Healing Level I Video Teleclass


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Purchase any of these textbooks with your registration and receive a 30% discount when you check out.

Alchemical Healing I Video Teleclass
with Nicki Scully

Thursday, Sept 7, Monday, Sept 11, Thurs Sept 14, Mon, Sept 18
5:30 - 7:30 pacific

Alchemical Healing provides ways to weave spirit and matter, to develop communications between divinity and humanity, to retrieve knowledge, and to transform magical experience into wisdom in order to skillfully influence physical reality and achieve healing. It honors the accumulated wisdom of the Earth and humankind, both in written and oral traditions, and offers entry into the magical realms of intuition and limitless knowledge.

We will combine lectures with discussions, and I will provide demonstrations and initiations.Whether you are a beginner whose only exposure is the article or the book, or an old hat with a professional practice, this class will be of great value. After going over the basic principles of Alchemical Healing, we will access the Universal Life Force, connect with the elements, and learn techniques to mitigate or remove pain and disease.

Nicki's books, Alchemical Healing and Power Animal Meditations are used as text books for this class, and can be purchased online. Registered students can receive a 30% discount on either or all books when purchased together for the class, just add a note that you are a class participant and the discount will be applied when the order is processed.

Level One includes:

  • Introduction to Thoth and Fire Mist Shower Empowerment
  • Opening of the hands and third eye
  • Using your hands to feel a person's energy field and distinguish states of health and dissonance
  • X-ray Vision
  • Learn safe techniques for clearing pain, trauma, illness & emotional blocks
  • Work energetically with plants and animal totems for healing
  • Safely Access and work with Spirit Allies, Guides and Totems
  • Distance Healing
  • Forgiveness as an Alchemical Processs

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There will be a limited number of partial scholarships and creative financing options available; please contact our office at [email protected] or call (541) 484-1099 9-5 pacific time.

Alchemical Healing Class

  • Offered by: Shamanic Journeys

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