Heart Expansion Essences (1/2 oz. bottle)


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Heart Expansion essences will raise your vibration and consciousness to the accelerated frequency of the Heart. Benefits include peace, love and unity. Choose 1 of the Essences below or get the box set which includes all 8.

MEMPHIS - Ascension Consciousness
You created your consciousness; you have the power to change it. Recycle old stories, ways of thinking and being. Directly access knowledge and states of being.

SAKKARA - Sacred Symbology
Your birthright is unlimited abundance; you are blessed. Receive the gift of Symbology, understand the synchronicities in your life. Draw support from sacred geometry, sound, light, crystals and hieroglyphs.

ABYDOS - Eternal Nectar
You are an eternal being, wired for life. Remember the vastness of who you are. Shine the light of your brilliance through the lens of your life.

SPHINX - Infinity Download
You are on purpose, a mystery revealed. Awaken codes of individual and infinite knowledge. Receive information about the mysteries of ancient Egypt.

GREAT PYRAMID - Cosmic Oneness
Your heart is the portal; open it. Soften the borders of separation and move into unity consciousness. Align with universal principles.

PHILAE - Divine Love
You are a temple of love, simply divine. Awaken the brilliance of your multidimensional self. Embody consciousness into every cell of your being.

KOM OMBO - Neutral Energy
Your past is duality, your charge neutrality. Everything is made of the same thing and that thing is divine. Restore the perfect frequency and vibration to your body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Your love is the light of your heart; let it lead your way. Resolve old wounds and open your heart. Raise your vibration and consciousness to the accelerated frequency of the Heart.

Heart Expansion Essence

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