Trip & Travel Insurance

Shamanic Journeys, Ltd. offers a comprehensive range of travel insurance packages to fully cover your tour whether you are traveling with us or another tour provider.

Travel insurance is a way to plan for the unplanned and acts as protection for your investment. For instance, trip insurance can cover the cost of your trip in the event something prevents you from traveling. Special travel medical coverage can also cover things your regular medical insurance will not cover, such as a medical evacuation or covering the cost of medical services at a hospital or clinic overseas.

The insurance products we offer are provided by Travel Insured International, a reputable company we have been working with for many years and they come highly recommended. Click on the link below to get all the coverage details and various plans that are offered. You will have an opportunity to compare plans and decide on the best package for you.

You'll want to purchase it within 14 days of making your deposit if you wish to take advantage of the pre-existing conditions (pre-trip occurrence) waiver.

Travel InsuredClick here to get detailed information on the travel insurance packages we offer and purchase insurance for your trip.

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